Christmas in July
Burger King
IN July 2020, we were at the height of the pandemic, amid political crises, disasters and war across the planet, no one could stand the year 2020 anymore. With that in mind, Burger King decided to bring Christmas forward and end the year of a once and for all.

They decorated several restaurants in different cities around the world, trying to bring the magic of Christmas to alleviate the terrible times we were living. And we at Sailor Studio were responsible for producing the video case for the campaign.

The campaign was a success, being featured in some awards such as a Shortlist in Cannes and a Merit in One Show.​​​​​​​
Agency: David São Paulo / David Miami
Client: Burger King
Year: 2021
Sailor Studio
Directors: Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida 
Project Manager: Gustavo Veloso
Motion: Rafael Matheus
Editor: Luís Guilherme Chagas
Footages: Kreative Kontent, Division 7
Audio Company: Carbono Audio
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