Great - Ego Statement
Studio Great
Statement from Studio Great about Ego using different animation techniques in te process. I was responsible for animating some scenes with a team from Great.
Director: Marcio Coimbra 
Executive Producer: Henrique O Campos
Scriptwriter: Carol Rosa
Reviewer: Andréa Barreto
Art Direction: Lucas Pandolfelli, Marcio Coimbra
Concept Art: Lucas Pandolfelli
Storyboard: Lucas Pandolfelli, Marcio Coimbra
2D Illustration:Lucas Pandolfelli
3D Illustration: Marcio Coimbra, Eliel Guimarães
Textures: Lucas Pandolfelli, Marcio Coimbra
Animatic: Ricardo Paul, Marcio Coimbra, Rouse Rafaela
2D Animation: Luccas Oliveira, Rouse Rafaela, Duque Strada, Ana Saritha
3D Animation: Viny Ale, Marcio Coimbra, Eliel Guimarães
Cel Animation: Lucas Pandolfelli
Animation Assistant: Julhia Pinheiro
Post Production Manager: Maurício Castro
Render: Viny Ale, Marcio Coimbra, Eliel Guimarães
Compositing: Viny Ale, Marcio Coimbra, Eliel Guimarães, Luccas Oliveira
Editor: Ricardo Paul
Sound Design: Combustion
VO: Chris Johnston
IT: Rodrigo Dantas
Project Managers: Andrea Gallucci, Monica Silveira
Project Assistant: Felipe Duarte
Sales & New Business: Tatiana Braga
Marketing and Social Media: Jéssyca Braghetto
Financial Departament: Amanda Morais, Elisangela Morais
CEO: Fábio Visa, Henrique Campos
Year: 2017

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