Vivo Itaucard

Vivo and Itaú teamed up to launch Vivo Itaucard, with exclusive benefits for their customers.
And we at Sailor Studio were responsible for the production of all the videos used throughout the campaign, which was widely broadcasted on TV, internet and in vignettes during the exhibition of football matches.

The campaign was created by the Galeria agency and explores the look of the cards in a 3D animation, with the motto “The card that matches you”. This unique campaign uniting two huge brands like this was only possible because both are customers of the Galeria agency and are official football sponsors on TV Globo.


Agency: GalerIA
CLIEnt: Itaú
Year: 2021
Sailor Studio
Director: Eliel Guimarães
Executive Producers: Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida
Project Manager: Luccas Oliveira
Animation: Eliel Guimarães, Vinícius Ale​​​
Look Dev/Render 3D: Eliel Guimarães, Vinícius Ale​​​

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