Méquizice BBB23 - Director's Cut

For the third year in a row, we at Sailor Studio are responsible for the McDonald's version of the BBB opening, using the Big Brother's visual identity and highlighting each participant's "Méquizice". This time, the campaign presents a different approach, focusing on the uniqueness and authenticity of each participant, bringing the idea that each person has their own "Méquizice". Using 2D animation, modeling and 3D animation techniques, Sailor Studio created a video that blends character animation with McDonald's innovative visual identity, resulting in a creative and fun campaign."

Agency: Galeria
Client: McDonald's
Year: 2023

Sailor Studio
Directors: Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida ​​​​​​
Acount Manager: Gustavo Veloso
Project Manager: Matheus Gonzalez
Art Diretor: Teidy Nakao 
Art Assistant: Duba Rodrigues

Motion: Rafael Matheus, Luan Carvalho, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida, Luccas Oliveira
Motion Assistant: Vitor Mendes, João Mateus
3D Animation: Alexandre Alves

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