Sailor Studio Collab 2023
Moving Foward

Welcome to the our collaborative project! Sailor Studio celebrates its fourth anniversary by presenting an incredible work that brought together talented artists on a unique mission. Inspired by the theme "Moving Forward," each animation piece was created with the intention of capturing the essence of progress. In these captivating scenes, the characters explore their individual universes, constantly pushing forward. From illustrations to 2D and 3D animations, encompassing frame-by-frame animation techniques, artificial intelligence, and even live action, the artists have beautifully portrayed the spirit of moving forward.

Ana Primo - Loch ness monster

Teidy Nakao - Paranóia

Mau Cardoso - Green Sands 

Duba Rodrigues - Horsing Around

Luiz Alejandre "Ryan" - Binary Explorer

João Mateus - The Astronaut

Gustavo Veloso - Night Stroll

Nildo Ferreira - Mergulhador Tranquilão 
Nathalia Ali / Ana Primo - Steve! 

Rafael Matheus - Jack "Deadshot"

Guilherme Micsik - BelzebUwU

Gustavo "GGA" Almeida - Dreampunk

Luccas Oliveira - Warzone

Vitor Mendes / Luis Chagas / Leticia Cacace / Fernanda Fernandes / Ian Leite / Reginaldo Lucca / Matheus González / Mario Kiyoshi - I had a Dream


Ana Primo
Teidy Nakao
Mau Cardoso
Duba Rodrigues
Luiz Alejandre "Ryan"
João Mateus
Gustavo Veloso
Nildo Ferreira
Nathalia Ali
Rafael Matheus
Guilherme Micsik
Gustavo "GGA" Almeida
Luccas Oliveira
Vitor Mendes

Live Action Production:
Leticia Cacace
Reginaldo Luca Naldinho
Luís Guilherme Precipito Chagas
Matheus Santana Gonzalez
Ian Leite
Fernanda Fernandes
Mario Kiyoshi

Chico Castellano 

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