Magic Audios

Sailor Studio was responsible for creating the video case for the "Magic Sounds" campaign for Coca-Cola, developed by Ogilvy Brazil. This innovative initiative combines technology and fun, inviting users who purchase Coca-Cola products through iFood to record Christmas audio messages using Kora, the virtual assistant on WhatsApp.

The campaign aims to celebrate the strength and magic of Christmas, highlighting moments of connection with family and friends. Participants are challenged to draw the silhouette of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle using audio waves. The virtual assistant has been trained to recognize and evaluate these drawings.

The campaign was a success, at the 2023 Cannes Lions creativity festival, "Magic Audios" was recognized with 2 bronzes in the categories: Mobile and Brand Experience & Activation. Furthermore,
received a Merit on The One Show.

The Campaing

The campaign achieved remarkable success, with over 400,000 audio submissions and an impressive total of 12 million seconds of recording. However, its impact was not limited to these impressive numbers. This campaign received international recognition by winning two prestigious trophies at the 2023 Cannes Lions Festival in the "Brand Experience & Activation" and "Mobile" categories, as well as a merit at the One Show festival in the category "Innovation & Transformation / Innovation in Direct Marketing". These categories aim to reward creativity driven by mobile devices and comprehensive brand building through advanced use of experience design, activation, immersion, retail, and customer engagement.

The Mobile category at Cannes Lions seeks to highlight creative ideas that are applied through technology on mobile platforms, whether portable or wearable. The Brand Experience & Activation category, on the other hand, aims to recognize the ability to build brands in a creative and comprehensive manner, using advanced techniques of experience design, activation, immersion, retail, and customer engagement in all directions. The awarded works must demonstrate how the customer journey, brand experience, and optimization of each touchpoint contributed to increasing brand affinity and generating positive business outcomes. 

Behind the scenes

The creation of animations in video cases involves a meticulous process to effectively convey the message. Although not necessarily complex, the animations are carefully executed based on simple concepts.

The goal is to tell a direct story while keeping the viewer engaged. To achieve this, it is essential to apply the 12 principles of animation and create smooth movements. Each frame is designed with seamless transitions for a pleasant visual experience.
In crafting the campaign's signature, techniques such as bounce, overlapping, and follow-through were employed to enhance the motion of the falling sphere. Additionally, text animations with glitch effects were utilized to add a modern touch to the video.

Every detail was carefully planned, from colors to motion sequences, with the aim of conveying the message clearly and engagingly. The end result is a striking animation that combines simplicity with skillful execution, capturing the audience's attention and leaving a memorable impression.

Agency: Ogilvy
Client: Coca-Cola
CCO: Sergio Mugnaini
Head of Creative: Rubens Casanova
ACD: Alexander Davidson (BIG)
Art Directors: Thuago Neves, Pedro Minari, Caio Almeida, Ariel Saraiva
Copywriters: Tali Sztokbant, João Soares, Gustavo Nassar
Audio Company: A-Gandaia
Year: 2023

Sailor Studio
Director: Luis Guilherme Chagas
Executive Producers: Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo “GGA” Almeida
Production Director: Leticia Cacace
Producers: Gabriela Varella, Fernanda Fernandes
Account Manager: Gustavo Veloso
Animation Director: Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo “GGA” Almeida
Post-Production Coordinators: Rafael Matheus, Luiz Alejandre “Ryan”
Film Editor: Luis Guilherme Chagas, Nildo Ferreira, Guilherme Micsik
Motion Designers: Vitor Mendes, Guilherme Micsik, João Mateus
Director of Photography: Ian Leite
1st Assistant Camera: Marina Rossi
Location Sound Mixer: César Antunha
Gaffer: Igor Santos
Make-up Artist: Carol Carvalho
Costumer Designer: Karina Kohatsu
Casting Producer: Talita Lima – TLA Produções
Casting: Rafaela Germano, Amarilson Lopes, Filipe Miller, Elizabeth Santos

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